April 29 2013

Our top 5 nightclubs for students in Newcastle upon Tyne

Newcastle Upon Tyne is said to be one of the best party cities in Europe! and with the sheer amount of different clubs in Newcastle we’re not surprised. So here are our top 5 nightclubs in Newcastle Upon Tyne.


Tiger Tiger Bar

Tiger Tiger Bar is a stylish nightclub right in the center of Newcastle located in Newgate Street right next to the Gate. A popular place to drink for musicians who play Metro Radio Arena and the delightfully orange cast of MTV’s Geordie Shore, so you know this place is quality! Get on it like a car bonnet!



Powerhouse is a massively popular nightclub in Newcastle’s pink triangle near the International Centre Of Life. There is always something going down in this bar and it is famed for it’s party atmosphere! With over 4 rooms and a VIP area this place is huge and is host to student night on Monday’s with £1 entry with a valid NUS/Student card before 12.30am.


Tup Tup Palace

Tup Tup Palace is one of Newcastle’s premier nightclubs located on the (in)famous Diamond Strip. With it’s sleek bohemian interior, privately serviced tables and a selection of the worlds finest drinks brands, it’s one of the most popular nightclubs in Newcastle.


Digital nightclub is another hugely popular club located next to the International Centre Of Life. Digital is host to Rebel Thursdays with £1 entry and £1 drinks when you enter your name on the guest list on their Facebook page. Also student night in on Monday with 80p entry and 80p drinking however queues are very likely to form, so get there early!


World Headquarters

World Headquarters is an unusual and unique nightclub Located opposite Enigma. There is nowhere in Newcastle quite like this nightclub, famed for it’s friendly environment, unique music and comfortable interior. They take a different approach to clubbing, built on the idea of unity, diversity and multiculturalism. Making this the place to be for all you love and peace types. ☮ ♥


God loves people who Drink Responsibly.