Jun 26 2013

Fashion In Newcastle Upon Tyne

Whether you’re studying for a degree in fashion or even a student with a passion for fashion, Newcastle Upon Tyne has a booming fashion scene. Every year Newcastle plays host to many cutting edge fashion events suitable for any sense of style. And let’s not forget the fast array of fashionable clothing shops, boutiques and… Read more »

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Apr 26 2013

Top 5 cheap student pubs in Newcastle upon Tyne

We all want to live a fun lifestyle on a students income or should we say lack of income. In Newcastle this is certainly possible but to make it even easier we have carefully selected the top 5 cheap student pubs in Newcastle Upon Tyne. The Hancock The Hancock is a popular student pub in… Read more »

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Apr 25 2013

Things To Do In Summer At Newcastle Upon Tyne

Everyone loves summer, especially in the north of England! The slightest hint of sunshine and we start lighting the barbeque, getting the drink in and losing our clothes. Hot summer days are too much of a rare thing to let to go to waste! You may think that there’s not much to do in summer… Read more »

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Apr 11 2013

Dealing With Stress Caused By Student Life

Student Life is the best time of your life! At that time, they always bought christian louboutin schuhe online. But it has it’s sinister side because when the partying is over there’s work to be done and deadlines to be met. Which can cause some students a lot of stress, stopping them from achieving their full… Read more »

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Oct 2 2012

Student pub crawl in Jesmond, Newcastle upon Tyne

As a student in Newcastle, it’s only a matter of time before you discover the pubs that Jesmond has to offer! Jesmond is a haven for student living, as well as having a great concentration of bars, pubs and restaurants to suit the vast array of weather than Newcastle has to throw at us. First… Read more »

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Jul 23 2012

5 places to visit during freshers week

New to Newcastle? Coming up for Newcastle freshers and Northumbria freshers week? Here’s five places you can’t miss during freshers’ week! 1. The castle Newcastle’s called Newcastle for a reason. Take a second to look at the castle keep itself, well preserved and in the centre of town, near Central Station. 2. The suburbs There’s plenty… Read more »

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Jul 15 2012

Most Men Choose Omega Speedmasters Replica Watches UK Stores, Swiss Rolex Replica And Patek Philippe Replica Watches For Sale Online

For quite a while, early Omega Speedmasters Replicas were probably the most underestimated looks out there. For those searching for a deal, tragically those days are unequivocally in the rearview reflect. The ref. 2915 is the main Speedmaster, and this second arrangement case has every one of the subtle elements that individuals search for with… Read more »

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Jul 9 2012

Newcastle Uni Students is here!

Newcastle Uni Students just about ready to go! Whilst we will also be expanding our directory of student-friendly businesses in Newcastle, we’ve got the bare bones in place and will continue populating new taxi companies, takeaways, bars, pubs and clubs! We’ve also added articles to our pages for Newcastle freshers and Northumbria freshers, and our… Read more »

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